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Marathon date & time

Starts Friday 9 August 2019, 19.00 BST

Ends Monday 12 August 2019, 03.00 BST


Opens Thursday 21 March 2019, 20.00 BST

marathon pass

GBP £120.00 per participant

the big pop pass includes

1 x Marathon Ticket.

7 x Milongas with 7 awesome DJs

2 x Brunches (Saturday and Sunday)

2 x Dinners (Friday and Saturday)

Light sweet and savoury snacks, plus tea and coffee throughout the weekend.

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  • The Big POP Manchester Tango Marathon is a fully role-balanced event.

  • All dancers must register and to be accepted in order to participate in the marathon.

  • The acceptance criteria is based on a combination of various contributing attributes such as the country of origin, roles and experiences. It is not necessarily first-come/first served basis.

  • Registrations can be completed as a single leader/follower or as a couple.

  • We encourage and recommend couple registrations to minimise the waiting time during the process.

  • We have a maximum threshold, and limited places in the marathon, so early registrations are strongly recommended.




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  • We strongly recommend all participants to have at least 3 years social tango experience, and have attended tango marathons/encuentros in order to be able to fully enjoy in the marathon.


3 years


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Traditional Etiquettes

  • We encourage the traditional social tango etiquette in the marathon and invitation by mirada and cabeceo.

  • You may try to ‘chat-eceo’ or 'grab-eceo' at your own risk, only if he/she is your best friend!

  • As experienced social dancers we urge all participants to respect others with considerate floorcraft.

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Please note:

  • Participants behaving in any way which the organisers seem as anti-social, and which may affect the enjoyment of others may be asked to leave the marathon.

  • As with all tango marathon, entry is by registration/acceptance to the weekend – no day passes or partial passes are available.. Please do not make travel arrangements until you have received an email confirmation of you place, and your registration and payment have been processed.

Please respect others and we we will ensure you have a splendid time! 

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