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We are absolutely thrilled and proud to present this year's selection of Tango DJs; everything single one of them are unique and special in their own music selections.

At the Big POP 2019, we set our sights high, thriving for an excellent team of DJs to fit every set of the marathon.

​We travel all over Europe to different events and marathons, listened, hunt...

and even stalked (!) jumping through hurdles and persuaded them one by one to join us!

We are convinced that they will not let us down, and will through the best party ever at the Big POP! And together they make the most outstanding DJ line up!

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Porto, Portugal

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Marta is currently one of the most demanding DJ in the European tango scene. Since she started her DJ carrier in 2010, her goal has never been changed, based on only 1 solid objective. which is to encourage the dancers dance, dance and dance, all night long..........


She loves to share the joy of her music experience: She enjoys to see a room full of people dancing, having fun at all time even during the cortinas, especially when the energy of the room electric on her set.
As a D’Arienzo addict, nothing is more satisfying to her than seeing the dance floor goes ‘on fire’ at all time.

She is a currently a very familiar face in many international tango events, she had some excellent performances at 'La Tosca', 'La Cita de los amigos', ‘Milonga des 4 Saisons’, 'Stromboli Tango Party', 'Belle Epoque Marathon' and so on...

We are extremely proud and honour to have her back to the Big POP again, we have faith in this beautiful witch and we knows she will cast her spell to burn the floor again!


alan spotti

Remini, Italy.

flag (1).png

He is coming back!

We first heard Alan's sets in several European renowned events: Atlantico Porto; Riga Tango Marathon and Villa Giacomelli, among others.

He brings a very positive vibe on or off the dance floor, and always carries a huge smile on his face! His music selection is very solid and he never lets the dancers down. 

A long-time dancer who performs and teaches tango in the province of Rimini, Italy, his passion for the music led him to begin to share his music as a DJ in 2005. From there on, the never-ending journey started and made him study tango music, slowly leading him to find his very personal style.

Alan says: "How do my DJ evenings take place..? There is no rule, I just really like playing with the energy of the dance floor, with the right alternation of fast and slow, sentimental and fun... trying to get a good wave and involving, most of all, the dancers..."



Athens, Greece

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Georgia is the tango goddess in Athens, a maestro in the dance and one of the most famous tango djs in Greece.

She organises and is the most pioneer resident DJ in some of the oldest and most important milongas in Athens. In the last 13 years, she travels globally and performs in numerous tango festivals, marathons and milongas.

She loves watching a full dancefloor enjoying the music she plays, and not just that, she has the charm to put a smile on the faces of dancers, despite if you are dancing or just sitting around.

Sometimes, Georgia enjoys to spice up her tandas with different orchestras of different age! It's really important for her to create a small story with her music, with a clear start, follow by the colourful main part and what she classified as an appropriate end.

The rest, she relies on the dancefloor.......

We are honoured to have this amazing lady joining us! 


marcin blazejewski

Warsaw, Poland

flag (5).png

Marcin is well-known as a DJ who is expert in manipulating the atmosphere during a milonga by sharing his energy and temperament with the dancers.


He’s keen on traditional music with a high preferences on the Golden Age, which made his core selection; just occasionally supported by the music from Guardia Vieja as well as from the 50s and later.

His favourite orquestras are Anibal Troilo, Juan D’Arienzo and Osvaldo Pugliese. Marcin is also an experienced organizer of many tango events in Warsaw; he has organised three editions of Tango Festival in Warsaw; Warsaw Tango Weekend and regular milongas in locally. He was also the creator of the very first tango radio in Poland:

We have high expectation of Marcin, and we are certain that the chances of him letting us down is almost zero!


Carlo Carcano

Como, Italy

flag (1).png

We heard Carlo in several occasions, his style of DJ set is subtle, soft and gentle. He never tried too hard to impress, and at the same time he just has that charm to keep you on the dance floor at all time. He is the kind of DJ who will keep you in the milonga, enjoying every single music and tune he plays.

In Carlo very own words : " Tango is pleasure. To feel, feed and shape the “ronda” of each instant in order to let the pleasure grow and flow it’s the most important principle of my musical selection. I have been djing in many sites from tiny local milongas to huge international festivals and my dj set is always built on tandas & cortinas, embracing a period from the ’20s to contemporary orchestras, modelling my hystorical and energetic choices on the mood of each milonga.


Alongside being a passionate tango dancer, I am a composer and musical producer and this contributes to the care and craftsmanship with which I nurture my selections. "


rossana capasso

Parma, Italy

flag (1).png

There is a saying in the Italian tango scene:  'A tango marathon without La Ros is not a tango marathon'. 


It is a recognition by the dancers, and also the best complement a DJ can ever imagine to receive. But it is not a fiction at all, Rossana Capasso is the Tango DJ Legend in Italy, she is the most important DJ figure in Italy. Dancers idolise her, worship her!

Despite her regular performances, every set of hers always contains surprises or new discoveries. Her DJ sets are creative and innovative; she is an expert letting the dancers feel like they are crossing hurdle after hurdle, by constructing peaks after peak of energy in her set.


In her words : 'It is not easy to describe myself as a DJ, because the results should speak for my job: the dancefloor, the dancers’ bodies, the number of sweaty T-shirts, the amount of musical memories that resurface at a distance of one week... all these should talk about my Djing. 

I played from 2007 and I almost reached my 1000th DJ set. I presented my music at festivals, marathons and encuentros around the world. My program is usually rather 'energetic', it embraces a repertoire ranging from 30’s to 70’s, always looking for a balance between the tastes of the dancers and my musical imprint. I need to entertain and to not get bored – this is why I am always researching for a new piece or a new tanda to add to my programme. From a DJ set I expect more than everything: energy, intensity, romance, fun, comfort of familiar tanda and the amazement and challenge that take us by surprise when we hear something unusual... in a few words: I want you to exit from a milonga even more alive as you entered.'

For the 3rd time in the roll! We are blessed to have the Super Ros!


nicolas wan park

Geneva, Switzerland

flag (2).png

In his very own words : 'Like many others, I did not get to tango, tango got me, caught me, possessed me... and still does... my goal as a DJ is to give fire, love and amazing mood on the dancefloor! Hasta siempre el... tango !!'

Nicolas is a DJ who will bring you to a totally different dimension of tango experience! He is unique / a true tango party maker! 

Let's keep it short and we will let you discover and experience it yourself!

'Hasta simpre el....tango!'

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