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  • Once your form is submitted, you should receive a confirmation email of acknowledgement.

  • The first round of registration will normally takes 30 days to process. Following this you will receive an email with instructions to make payment and confirm your registration.

  • Please be patient if you do not receive a place straight away; we will update you with the status of your registration either individually by email or to all registrants via our Facebook page.

  • All confirmed admittance fees paid to The Big POP Manchester are non-refundable nor transferable.

  • We strongly encourage participants to register in couples to reduce waiting times. Both dancers need to complete separate registration forms, naming their partner on the form. And both partners must pay within the deadline, or risk both dancers losing their places.

  • For all single registrations, please be patient as it takes time to match up dancers to achieve perfect role-balance! Thank you.

Big Hugs,

The Big POP Team

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we are full! 

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