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Tangofolly is a social network website made specially for the Argentine Tango community to find and share tango information. Inspired by a mutual passion for the art and culture of tango, it is completely free to sign up, share your news and events, connect with tango people all around the world and join in all the online activities.


Behind the scenes the The Folly Crew are working all the while to keep Tangofolly ship shape. They are a team of volunteers who, with years of experience in their particular fields, get together to work on various Tangofolly projects and support the tango community in the best way they can.

We are delighted to welcome Tangofolly to join us at The Big POP Manchester Tango Marathon this year, where the crew will be telling stories of the event, and capturing the precious moments of your experience.

The crew will be keeping us updated on who's who and what's what on and off the dancefloor at or visit our Big Pop page on Tangofolly 


Now, meet The 'Big Pop' Folly Crew:


Magdalena Smolarska, Photographer

"Taking photos is my passion; looking at life through a lens opens up a whole other world that is so often missed in our day to day lives. The ability to capture that second, that instant, that blink-and-you-miss-it moment brings me such joy. The opportunity to combine another love, tango, and photography is a dream. Portraying the movement and rhythm as dancers are lost in their embrace… To me, these secret moments tell a story that otherwise remains unseen and unheard."


Rita Horne, Pen n' Ink

"I love to play with words. To invoke emotion and inspiration in the readers mind. To stir up the imagination with a mixing bowl of ideas and implications so that the mind soars with a story that truly lives, that quickens the pulse with anticipation, or.. rather, pauses quietly to consider and reflect. The magic is between the lines."

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